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  1. Hello,thanks for your query,
    Weakness at a young age could be due to iron deficiency anemia, vitamin deficiencies or electrolye imbalances. kindly evaluate the cause of tiredness. u can take ors fluids,coconut water, juices for instant energy before running. all the best.take care.
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    Mam is there any medicine for better run in competetion running?
  3. You need to increase your stamina gradually.. Also kindly get your CBC, serum calcium and B-12 levels done and revert.
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    Mam can you help me for my height growth after 22years
  5. Sorry dear...First you need to under stand some thing that the height a person attains is mostly decided right from the time a person is born, by his genetics. Height is mostly hereditary and a persons height is determined by the height of the father or mother.Still some inches of growth is possible by taking some healthy steps which you should always try. Try taking a healthy food and never skip a break fast. Sleep adequately. Growth hormone is released at night in sleep and you should give sufficient time to sleep. Do regular exercise. Preferably stretching exercises like skipping, hanging from the bar or standing tall on ones toes. Also sports such as badminton and basketball also increases the height. Adequate weight control s essential to divert your energy to increase in height. All said, these habits are good for a healthy life as well. You can try all of them regularly and just hope for the best. Don't fall for all the super natural remedies claiming to increase height in 2-3 weeks.
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    Mam can I use some strength tablet for increase my strength for running.
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    If you don't mind please tell me some strength tablet name,obviously if you don't mind.
  8. You can take cap cobadex z once daily after food for 15 days.
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    Thank you mam for said this medicine name.but again I said to you can you please tell me anabolic steroids uses allowance in sports.
  10. It is good that you decided to inquire before taking the decision.

    I'd strongly warn you against the use of steroids.

    Steroids may help you in the short run but the possible side effects of steroids will make you repent later for taking them. Steroids have a very bad effect on your body. Once you develop dependence, it will be impossible for you to live without them.

    Rather, take a proper diet and protein supplements under proper guidance if you want to have a proper and strong body.
    I am not sure but I think its not allowed in sports too..
    Hope this information helps.
    Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.
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    Thank you so much mam for your suggestion, but mam July month pe mera army ka rally hain, rally me run complete korna compulsory hai,but I didn't complete. So ase koi daba hai jise lakar me run complete korunga.So please help me mam.
  12. You need to gradually increase your stamina by regular exercise and running..
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    Mam can I use caffeine tablet before run for for running stamina. Or please suggest me some product for running stamina growth like this.
  14. It won't help you much!