Feeling heaviness on left side of chest

Hi, My hubby is 28 years old. He is feeling heaviness on left side of chest but below near epigastric region. He takes too much burps also one after another whenever eat anything. This problem is from last one year. He took allopathy medicine but it works for some time. Now he is on fat free diet , just take protein , fibrous diet? What could be the reason of this problem and what is it? Do homeopathic medicine will work? One more thing, he got his all investigation done in abroad. Everything good. What test you prescribe? And how to deal with it? Sometimes he is hypertensive like nearly 135/95 mm hg. Is there any need to change lifestyle or anything else?


Feeling heaviness on left side of chest
Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
    I really appreciate your concern and looking to the history here I could say that his symptoms are suggestive of reflux acidic disease and in my opinion this condition can be treated with "Tab Omeprazole 40 mg once in day" with Tab Domperidone once in day for few days.
    I am an allopathic doctor so I really cannot suggest you about homeopathy.
    If he is hypertensive, I would suggest you to get his Complete cardiac work up done and upload the reports so that I may assist you further.
    Hope this helps,