Feeling depression and disinterested in social world

Hello Doctor,
i just consulting for my brother, his name is amal. after his higher secondary, he don’t like to either for higher studies or job. he was a most loving son of my father, but after my fathers death he have no one in the family for scare, so he go according to his wish, but in sslc and plus two he passed, his plus two was in psychology, after studying this he gonna start like mind reading etc.. then he like to join in bsc psychology, but we don’t support, so now what shall we do? he don’t have any interest.. also he had taking respiridone tablet if it not take then he will become angry.. so what shall i do as a brother?

Feeling depression and disinterested in social world

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  1. I m not able to actually understand that why was he advised an antipsychotic... Was he delusional or unrealistic.... Because if he was... Then it requires detailed evaluation..... Plz consider visiting a psychiatrist for that....