Feeling depressed.

Hello Doctor, I cannot sleep at night but at early morning I fall asleep at around 5 am, I feel hungry frequently, also feeling depressed and fatigue all the time,be in a sad mood always, feeling hopeless about myself, i am also a smoker.I feel like crying sometimes  to get out of this feelings and I am not a drinker. Have craving for sex but yet I am a 29 years old bachelor and also a virgin. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, think negative about everything around me, I don’t know what to do please advice me.Man-with-headache


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  1. Hello salman,
    You are definitely suffering from depression and shall need a combination treatment with antidepressants and cognitive behavior therapy. I suggest you seek a private consultation so that we can discuss in detail and also start you on medicines. With the current symptom level, you wont feel better with counselling or psychotherapy alone.