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  1. Dear Mrs.Kritika.Good evening.
    I think internal examination should have been done much earlier around 36wks with proper counselling and using lubricating gel.If you are not being mentally prepared by proper counselling while the docotor does the exam. you will contract the pelvic muscles instead of relaxing as a reflex mechanism and feel pain.
    It has nothing to do with vaginal delivery.If you had a proper ANCare definitely you have been advised how to relax the pelvic muscles to facilitate proper engagement of descending part (pressenting part).
    You please try to practice it.
    There is no reason to opt for C-section for this reason.
    Please let me know your height,weight and what was the expected foetal weight,AFI,Placental maturity in your last USG
    and it's date.
    Don't worry everything will be fine.
    Best wishes