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  1. Dear Mr.Sunny.Please let me know whether cornual blokage is due to tumour or due to other causes.If it is tumour get it removed.
    Since other tube is patent there is enough chance for your wife to conceive.
    Please let me know what investigations have so far being done.
    Right cornual blockage was diagnosed on hysteroscopy or by HSG? and on what day of cycle it was done.Please let me know the endometrial biopsy report if done.
    You can upload the report at MediMetry with a note "for attention of DR.P.K.BASU"
    You can Whats app the report to Medi Metry as well.
    Best wishes
  2. Dear Sunny, You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Pradip with this question.
    Thank You!
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    Hii Dr. Pradip Krishna Basu thanks for responding sir my wife has already diagnosed on HSG on the 10 th day of her cycle i will send her HSG report on your what's app number she has also diagnosed AMH and PRL test so I will send all her reports on ur what's app number sir plz help me sir one thing more i want to tell that my wife has conceived a pregnancy in year 2014 and she give birth to a d baby girl after 8 months 7 days by cesarean ( operation) baby girl was abnormal and her head was big in size compare to normal size of head doctors told me there is water in his head and her lips have cut and she died after two days from that day i m disappointed that my wife has not conceived till now so plz sir give right and good advice because i have gone to many doctor's till now but none of them had satisfied me sir I will send all of my reports of my wife and mine plz sir help us

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    Thanks doctor
  5. Please whats app the reports at Medi Metry no.With mention of attention Dr.Pradip K Basu.
    N.B.If Karyotyping not done of both of you please get it done from a reliable lab.
    Get blood examined for TORCH test.
    What is the age of your wife and that of yours.
    Pl.get your semen analysed after absinance of 3 to 4 days and fructose level in Semen.
    On going through the investigations done,I will advice further.
    Don't worry.
    Good luck.
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    Sir i had already send all the reports of my wife on your what's app number plz chech out the reports
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    Dear Sunny, your reports have been forwarded to Dr. Pradip. Thanks !
  8. Good morning Sunny.I have gone through the reports.In my opinion 1)the non spilling of dye from may be due to spasm, so get a Saline sono hysterograplhy done with prior dose of any antispasmodic drug by oral route.
    2)Report of AMH is not normal
    3) The two reports of USG are contradictory as in TV USG no cyst noted in ovaries. So please get anUSG done request doctor to mention the ovarian volume and if cysts are found numbers and size.
    To diagnose PCOS you have to get your wife's blood examined for
    1)serum Insulin level
    2) HbA1C
    3)Serum Trstostetone and DHEA
    Pl.Get the invesigations done and get back to me.
    To check for evidence of ovulation
    You please record 1)Basal body temperature daily.
    2)Preg date test from 11th to 15 th day of period if her cycles are at 28 days.
    3) Other option is endometrial biopsy in the Secretory Phase not to be done now as she is on OCP.
    Best wishes.

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    Sir can u tell me what is final position of my wife i can't understand some of your that you have given to me is there are chances to conceive pregnancy or not i have also heard about the guide wire easy lazer operation of fallopian tube blockage can u tell me about that or it is possible in my wife's case
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    Sir plz tell me that I had ask u i can't understand ur details that u have given to me
  11. Dear Sunny,I have already mentioned that the cornual blockage as mentioned in your HSG may be fallacious as the same picture will be seen if there is spasm in the fallopian tubes.
    Do the following
    1.Have a saline hysterosonography done after a dose of antispasmodic 1/2 hour before the investigation.
    2)There is no reason why your wife will not conceive even if I presume that there is one sided cornual blockage but the other side is open.
    3)Check for ovulatory status by doing pregdate test and have sex during that period .
    4)If Ovulation does not occur consult your Obstetrician for induction of ovulation.
    I don't think you will go for any interbention without confirming that there is tubal blockage by Repeat HSG or by SALINE SONO HYSTEROSALIPINGOGRAPHY.
    Best wishes.
  12. I have advised some investigations please get those done and get back to me.
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    OK doctor thanks
  14. You are welcome.