Which face cream to use?

Hi, doctor, I am having Face cream problem as I taken two face creams 1.DEBELLE fairness cream this is for improving skin color and 2.MEDERMA cream for scars remover of pimple.

Here my doubt is shall I use both creams at a same time on my face ,or one cream is enough.

I asked this doubt to many people but what they reply me that this query belongs to

skin care doctor who have  proper knowledge about cream.

please sir I’m expecting answer.kindly give answer of my question .

Which face cream to use?

Answer ( 1 )

  1. hello

    my advice is against using these cosmetic creams.

    if you want to improve skin colour and remove acne marks then follow the below mentioned treatment

    ahaglow face wash twice daily
    kojiglo gel.... apply twice daily

    this treatment will improve your skin.

    for any further queries please feel free to contact me