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    It seems from the history that you are having refractive error in the form of myopia of -3 dioptres.

    The treatment for this is by the use of spectacles and contact lenses as you are doing now.
    The refractive power becomes stable after the age of 18-20 years.

    You can correct this completely by refractive laser surgeries like LASIK. This is the only curative treatment for refractive errors.
    No medicine can correct this problem.

    Use of foods rich in vitamin A like carrots, green leafy vegetables and fish if you are non vegetarian will help in providing good eye health but this will not decrease the refractive power. Similarly medicines like vitamin A supplements, antioxidants will help in providing good eye health.

    Hence food and medicine will help in providing good eye health, but if you want to avoid use of spectacles or contact lenses, then only option available is refractive laser surgeries like LASIK.