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    As you have not mentioned any specifications regarding your problem, here are some causes due to which pain in eye can caused :-

    1.) It can be from allergies or infections.
    2.) Something in your eye, like dirt, can irritate it.
    3.) Orbital pain is dull ache behind or in the eye. This pain is often caused by diseases of the eye.
    4.) Eye discharge, excessive tearing, crusting, or eyelids stuck together.

    These are some treatment measures may give you some relief from your eye pain:-

    1.)Rest your eye
    2.)Don't rub your eye.
    3.)If you wear contacts, take the contacts out to rest the eyes.
    4.)Use cold or warm compresses, whichever feels best.
    5.)Gently flush your eye with cool water.
    6.)Avoid bright lights or use dark glasses to protect the eye.