Having extramarital affair at age above 40 yrs.

my mom got involved in extramarital affair in the age of above 40 years and she is watching porn and also active on dating websites and meeting various men through it. she has physical relationship with that person who is unmarried. is this a psychological disorder? please help me i will be grateful.extramarital-affair


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  1. Hello dear,
    I can understand your agony completely. This may or may not be a psychological disorder. How has your parents' relationship been? In case, it has been turbulent, this may be a way she has taken up for fulfilling that void in her life. Also, apart from this relationship and porn addiction, does she have other symtoms like talking a lot, overgrooming, spending a lot, being overjoyous, switching of moods often? In that case, this may be a bipolar disorder and need treatment with mood stabilisers. You can consult me privately for further clarification and advice.