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    On reading your question, from my clinical experience I can say that it appears that you have - hyperhydrosis in groin region. Kindly loose your weight if you are obese , as obesity makes you more prone, as there must be skin folds allowing the sweat to collect in groin region.

    Apart from maintaining proper hygiene in that area, -
    -you should keep it dry as far as possible, by using powder
    - wear loose undergarments, 
    - drink lot of water 
    - and most important weight reduction, please consult a dietician : it really helps.

    In my experince I have found that powders like mycoderm, etc, are very effective in such cases. it can be used three to four times a day. 

    along with that you should get your blood sugar levels and fasting thyroid profile done.

    Kindly get the advised tests done and let me know the results.

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    my weight is normal doctor
  3. Okay.. So just don't worry, follow the simple measures as advised above and get the tests done and revert.