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    Although there is no clinical authenticated report to suggest that VIT C acts as an abortificient, but there are papers on it whose creditibility is doubtful.In some coutries this is use by women of their own to get aborted but ends in incoplete abortion, so better to avoid unless adviced by your doctor.
    All citrus foods have some side effects and better to be avoided in pregnancy.
    Fruits that have harmful effects are Pineapple,longan,centell, camellia,green or ripe papaw,
    Red chillies and dry ginger to be avoided.
    Regarding ripe mango till date no authenticated report is available but it has got great nutrient value and can be taken in measured amount after pealing of the skin.Taken in excess it will grossly increase your body wt.which is not wanted in pregnacy.It is better to avoid in PIH.(PREGNANCY INDUCED HYPERTENSION)
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