Erection problem while love making

I am addicted of watching porn and masturbation from last 10 years. I have no problem in erection while watching porn and masturbation. But during love making with my girlfriend. My penis does not get erected. Please help.

Erection problem while love making

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  1. Hi, Kamal Singla
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    I can understand your concern:

    Erectile Dysfunction can be happened due to various reasons:

    1) fatigue
    2) stress
    3) relationship issues
    4) performance anxiety
    5) alcohol consumption
    6) Smoking
    7) Hormonal imbalance

    Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction:

    1) Take Shilajit and aswangandha.
    2) Drink Watermelon Juice.
    3) Do Stretching exercising.
    4) Try to lose weight and stay fit
    5) stop smoking
    6) less alcohol intake
    7) Eat dark chocolate before going to bed.
    8) Do meditation on regular basis and try to stay away from stress.

    For more details, you can also choose private consultation.

    Thanks for asking to MediMetry.