Erectile dysfunction and other health disease.

Hello Doctor,

I am facing problem related to erectile dysfunction. My penis shivers when erect.

I masturbate often.Even nightfall occurs sometime.Even i have other health diseases like :

Obesity,Gas problem, Eyes blotting.

How to treat it please help me.

Erectile dysfunction and other health disease.

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  1. Good evening.
    Warm welcome to MediMetry.

    I can understand your concern and I would like a few more things from you to understand your condition and manage it effectively.
    I would suggest to do a complete blood test and revert back. Also let me know if you are on any medications or have any habits like smoking or drinking.

    Generally speaking, keep a strict watch on your food intake and exercise routine. Take one Tab Pan D on an empty stomach I the morning for 2 weeks and let me know.

    Regarding your ED problem, do not worry, several medications are available that will help you with your condition and you need to get it via a prescription from your local doctor.

    Hope this helps.

    Live healthy!