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    Thanks for the query.

    I can understand that you have jaundice with enlarged liver.
    Kindly mention your age, known medical conditions and send your CBC ESR, random blood sugar, liver function test and ultrasound abdomen reports.
    Also mention if you are on any medications, your alcohol consumption and revert.
    I will be happy to help you further.
  2. User
    Mam my age is 20 and i do not drink alcohol.
    Please give your mail id or watsapp no. So that i can send my reports.
  3. Dear Bibek , You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Surbhi with this question.
    Thank you!
  4. I have seen the reports and you have hepatitis but the cause is not known.
    So kindly get your viral hepatitis panel done and let me know the results.
    Till then you should continue with the treatment advised by your doctor.
  5. User
    Does the medicine given by my doctor are good, i mean am i having a good treatment or should i go to kolkata or hyderabad for better treatment
  6. First, get your viral hepatitis panel done, treatment will depend on that..
    You are now on supportive treatment.
    And yes definitely you should seek an opinion from a hepatologist..
  7. User
    What is viral hepatitis panel
  8. Its a blood test... The laboratory people will guide you..
  9. User
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions and guidance.I wll do the test and send my reports to you
  10. All the best!