endometrioid carcinoma

My mother was operated in October and her right ovary was removed by doctors,

but after biophsy, they found endometrioid carcinoma in that ovary after

that we gone through some tests, but all reports are normal like ultrasound,

ca125, pet CT scan, so what to do now?

endometrioid carcinoma
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  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the query,
    If its endometroid ovarian cancer which was detected in the ovary, then after histopathology it is important to learn the stage of the disease to decide along with total hysterectomy with Bilateral salpingo-opphorectomy has to be performed alone or with bilateral pelvic lymph node dissection and para aortic lymph node dissection or not or just a concurrent chen-radiation would have to be followed. PET SCAN report shall be important to rule out any form of metastasis and and have to be followed up every 6 monthly for an evident or possible relapse as metastatic potential of endometriosis ovarian cancer is very high.