Ectopic pregnancy with pcod

I had to get my pregnancy scanning done that resulted in abdominal ectopic pregnancy with pcod. My doctor says, there is no need for surgery as the womb is filled with fluid. The doctor says he will have to discharge the fluid after which the womb will open. The embryo will get back to its normal position. Is the doctor right?


Ectopic pregnancy with pcod
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    The top three signs of early abdominal ectopic pregnancies were pouches around the uterus ( as in your case in POD), serosal surface of the uterus and tubes and multiple sites. Primary Management is surgical ( open / laproscopic ), Nonsurgical adjuvant or primary therapy included intramuscular methotrexate, intralesional methotrexate, intracardiac KCl, and artery embolization. There is no literature available which can explain migration of already implanted embryo to another place .

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