Eating disorder.

Hello doctor,I’m feeling stressed without any reason and also eating without any reason from past 1-2 months. I eat till I get tired of eating or start feeling guilty that how much I had eaten. This restless weird feeling leads me to eat anything without feeling of hunger. Please help me to get out of this eating disorder.

Eating disorder.

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  1. Hello dear,
    I am a little confused as to whether this is exactly an eating disorder or depression. The diagnosis is important since the treatment and prognosis for both the conditions differs. Eating disorders usually start in early adolescence,
    have a waxing - waning course
    and need cognitive behavior therapy.
    I can help you out with the diagnosis and correct treatment of this condition,
    but since it may require a lot of discussion and deliberation on personal issues,
    I would recommend you take a private consultation which is confidential.