Early pregnancy test shows thick endometriem. Please help!

Early pregnancy test shows thick endometriem of 19mm. Doctor advised next scan after 2 weeks. Till then same medication to be continued after positive of hpt. I am post 1 month 20 days now in my periods now. Spotting daily but there is no clotting. First time of the day shows a drop of dark. For the rest of the day, it shows light mixed with white colored discharge. Am I pregnant or is it some infection?


Early pregnancy test shows thick endometriem. Please help!
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    Get a urine examination for confirmation of pregnancy. If result is doubtful, go for blood test for HCG. Levels of hcg will indicate the weeks of gestation and if levels are above 1500, majority of the time ultrasound can show a gestational sac. You should visit your gynaecologist for check to see whether the discharge is due to infection.

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