Early periods by 10 days.

Hello Doctor, Me and my girlfriend had sex on 6th march. I didn’t ejaculate in her. But to be a safer side i gave her ECP unwanted 72 after half an hour of the sex. Her expected date of periods is 22nd of every month. But this month today i.e. on 12 march she got her periods which is almost 10 days before of her expected monthly periods. I am little bit worried whether this is the sign that she is pregnant? If not then why she is having early periods and when will her next periods will come. Please help me doctor by providing each and every details regarding this.

Early periods by 10 days.
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    As she took unwanted 72 after unprotected sex which is progestrone that can cause irregular cycle.This is side effect of unwanted 72 that she had early periods. No need to worry!