Duphastone for fetal growth

I’m 7 weeks pregnant. LMP is 26th oct so in that case 11 weeks fetus growth expected. But i had irregular menstruation since last 5 to 6 months. My recent USG reports has FHR=145/mts, CRL=1.07cm and my gynae has told m to observe for about a month. She has prescribed duphastone 10 mg 1 tab daily to me. So, Is this medicine safe at this stage when it is not confirmed. But when I checked online, internet says duphastone for fetal growth is suitable. Please suggest


Duphastone for fetal growth
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    Well as there is a discrepancy in dates and Ultrasound, continue as advised. Dates and fetal well being can be confirmed⁠⁠ On repeat scan. Duphaston is safe for baby.

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