Dry coughing

My wife is suffering in dry cough problem to 10 days and finally she has been admitted in the Hospital

3 days before. She has given antibiotics (Azithromycine,Levocetrizine) with Nebulizer and cough syrup.

All medicines are coming under B category except the cough syrup (Levodroprozine syrup) which is coming under D category. She is having 6 weeks pregnancy.

I am very much worrying that the medicines will harm my unborn baby or not.

I have stopped the syrup but she already taken of 30 ml dose in last two days. Even after continuation of the medicines i have not found any improvement.

i am not being comfortable to continue with the medicines due to my unborn baby.what should i do?

Dry coughing
Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
    If there is no fever then the cough is allergic and that can be controlled symptomatically with saline warm water gargles and taking warm liquids and avoiding mouth breathing. Syrup should be avoided completely as category D drug can cause abnormalities in foetus , however as she has already taken it, nothing much can be done now, but considering no apparent improvement in cough, the cause is unlikely to be bacterial but allergic.