Does unopened uterus mouth causes cesarean delivery.

Hello doctor, I am 272 days pregnant, due date is on 6th November, 9 days from today. Today my obs said that she has to do Cesarean as the mouth of uterus still unopened and my blood pressure is 110/90 , which is risky and can create complication afterwards. Heartbeat and everything else is normal. I want to wait for more 4-5 days but she said to admit as soon as possible. What to do please suggest as i am not having any trouble now?



Does unopened uterus mouth causes cesarean delivery.
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    As per your dates, your delivery date is close. If 2 readings of BP are 140 systolic and 90 diastolic or higher, 6 hour apart, it is hypertension and you can plan your delivery as you are term. If you want to wait, at least get admitted for monitoring and be safe.
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