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  1. Thanks for cotacting us.As such polycystic ovary affect pregnancy if the blood level of Serum Insulin.Glycosulated haemoglobin and blood sugar level are under control.
    Please keep in mind only USG finding is the criteria of diagnosing PCOD.
    Please upload the reports of USG and other investigations to help you in better way.
    Best wishes.
  2. Sorry typing mistake it will be "As such PCOD does not affect pregnancy if the........"
  3. I have answered the question assuming your wife is having PCOD and pregnant.
    But if your wife is not pregnant and having PCOD and wants to conceive then the answer will be yes there is definite relationship between PCOD and infertility as ovulation does not occur regularly in women with PCOD and require treatment for that.
    With due treatment women with PCOD can definitely conceive in majority of cases.
    Best wishes.
  4. Typing mistake Crrection.USG. finding is "not" the only criteria.
    for Diagnosis of PCOD