Does low lying placenta will affect delivery?

Doctor, I am 27 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. Everything is going normal till my 20th week, in my second level of ultrasound I got to know that I have a problem of low lying placenta. Which is fully covered. My doctor told me to do bed rest. Can you please tell me if my placenta didn’t move till my delivery. So what are the problems I have to face at that time. And is my baby safe.Does low lying placenta will affect delivery? Please help.


Does low lying placenta will affect delivery?
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  1. Hello,Thanks for writing.At 20 weeks you are having low lying is possible that as your pregnancy grows placenta go up so get a repeat ultrasound after 4 -6 weeks for placental location. If it goes up your problem is solved and you can have normal delivery but if it is still low then you have to take precautions and might undergo Caesarean at term.write me if you have any other problem.till then all the best.