Does eating slate pencils in pregnancy harm fetus?

My periods have delayed and I am not sure but I may be pregnant. My concern is that I have an addiction of slate pencils and now i’m worried. Will it have any impact on my baby inside my womb? Further, without thinking much about my baby, I took Aceclofenac & Paracetamol tablet as I wasn’t feeling okay last day. So, will that too have any pregnancy harm? I will take care next time, please help me this time.


Does eating slate pencils in pregnancy harm fetus?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    Stop worrying. Normally single exposure to such medication does not cause harm if you do not have any other metabolism related disorders. stop taking slate pencils and concentrate on healthy diet and exercise schedule.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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