Doctor told foot surgery for accidental injury. Advice.

Hi I am 40 Years Old (Male) . I met with road accident while riding bike 6 years back. In my right foot. During that time a private doctor has treated that as fracture. Now after 6 Years my toe and became like Hallux Valgus. I lost faith with private doctors and I met Government Hospital and under treatment of Wax for foot and tablets. Government doctors says if pain is not relieved within a week surgery needs to be carried out. But I am in marketing field and if surgery happen I cannot walk more. Is there any alternate method like physiotherapy like that to cure my pain in right foot. Or only surgery is required. Please advice.


Doctor told foot surgery for accidental injury. Advice.

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  1. Hello ,yes there is treatment in physiotherapy in mild cases but severe cases may not respond to conservative treatment and need surgery.First of all you should wear proper footwear that should not exert pressure over the medial aspect of first metatarsal.
  2. You should go for passive streching of abduction of toe many times a day,weight bearing tends to be on lateral side of foot to avoid pressure and pain ...FARADIC foot bath necessary to relieve pain ,improve circulation.Consult to the nearby physiotherapist for proper assessment and treatment ..
  3. Hi...we need to know your entire history...ur x-rays and current condition of foot. As it has already been treated/ experimented variously...
    If you understand the term hallux valgus well and if it really looks like that then you should use a silicon toe separator to keep your great toe in place.
    I also need to know the exact area of pain over the foot to be able to tell you further.
    Since you have already gone for number of treatment approaches i would not like to recommend anything specific at the moment without knowing your history.
    One thing you can take care of is the footwear. Do wear well cushioned sandals or flipflops which should not be covered and tight.
    Yes...Physiotherapy has very well options of treating a foot and ankle conditions.
    Its better if you could provide your x-rays and further reports.
    Dr shruti mittal