Discovered dermoid cyst during pregnancy.

I am 24 weeks pregnant. In my ultrasound the doctors have discovered a 6 cm dermoid cyst in my right ovary. I have been asked to avoid any physical strain. Just wanted to know whether under such circumstances is the baby safe and is my chances to deliver via c- section is very high as the doctor recommended that she will remove the dermoid itself during the c- section. So please suggest what to do?

Discovered dermoid cyst during pregnancy.
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    In asymptomatic cases, it's better to avoid surgery till postpartum period is over. In case of torsion of cyst or rupture or other symptoms, emergency surgery may be required. So, it's better to avoid exertion to avoid complications. In case your delivery is by cesarean section, cyst can be removed in same sitting. But, decision of cesarean depends upon various other factors and I suggest you to concentrate on being healthy, take rest and decide on surgery only if condition arises.

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