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  1. Thanks for have not mentioned nature of discharge-milky,greenish or blood stained.
    You have not mentioned if she is pregnant there can be some dicharge from breast or after delivery or abortion breast discharge(milky) is common.if she is not pregnant get her Serum prolactine and thyroid profile done.High serum prolactine level is associated with breast discharge.If Serum prolactine is high she needs other investigations also .
    A condition-firoadenosis of breast ,which is a benign condition,is also associated with breast discharge.
    Sometimes simple infection/inflammation of mammary duct can lead to discharge from breast.
    But remember discharge can be due to some underlying serious please provide me complete information so that i can help you.Till then best of luck.
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    She is not pregnant . blood stain discharge since 2 year. She feels goiter in breast.
  3. Pl.let me know whether she can feel any lump in the breast .If there is a lump is it hard.Any nodular swelling in the Axilla?If blood examination done for Serum Prolactin and Thyroid profile if not pl.get those done along with complete haemogram.Pl get USG of both breasts done urgently and upload the reports.
  4. Continued...There are many reasons for such discharge starting with Cracked nipple,infections to much serious condition like malignancy so pl.don't delay and send me the reports to help you properly.Good wishes.
  5. Thanks for writing. Discharge from breast can be-milk, serious,,blood or pus.Milk discharge is common after pregnancy and some discharge during pregnancy,abortions and in various conditions of hyperprolactinemia.Serious discharge in fibroadenosis,pus from breast abscess.and blood from affection of mammary duct-benign or malignant. So please write about nature of discharge.Consult Gynarcologist and a Surgeon.Get your serum prolactin and thyroid profile done and go for a Mammography.