Disc herniation in L5-S1 level of lower back . Please help ?

I am software engineer. I use to sit on computer desc per day and i am working from 2.5 years. Now from last 3 months or so some pain has been started in my lower back and i have done an mri which shows that i have Disc herniation in l5-S1 level. So i was admitted in a hospital for 6 days and took the treatment but when i sit for long hours some twitching starts in lower back now what i should do please help me ?

lower back pain


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  1. Hi
    Does the pain radiate down the legs too?any tingling or numbness?
    Did u ever take physiotherapy treatment?
  2. What all treatment did u undergo in the hospital? All medications or physiotherapy as well?
  3. Please use hot packs over the back for atleast 2-3 times a day.... stand up in between every 1 or 2 hours and do few stretchings or walk around....
    Modify your work station....your laptop or computer should be placed at your eye level...you should not bend forward and work....

    Certain precautions to be taken:
    1) do not bend forward straight.
    2) sleep on a firm mattress..it should not be too soft or too hard.
    3) always take a side turn and get up from the bed...do not get up straight.
    4) sleep on your side and keep a pillow between your knees.
    5) you should use a LS belt so that you avoid jerks while travelling.

    Do visit a good physiotherapy clinic, get yourself examined well and take regular sessions which should include
    IFT, TENS( if the pain goes down the legs and tingling numbness present), U.S over painful point.
    Certain back exercises taught by the physiotherapist...few stretchings and after few sessions manual therapy should also be implemented.
    Your physiotherapist will tell you core strengthening exercises to keep your back and abs strong.

    For any further query ur welcome
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    No pain feel in leg . it only feel on the lower back of right side.
    And actually i dont feel any pain but i feel some burning sensation
  5. User
    I doesn't feel when i walk or stand
    It only when i sit for more then half and hour then some sensation starts and i need to get up up
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    I am doing some exercise like
    Straight leg one by one ,
    Mackenzie exercises and all
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    I want to send my mri and other hospital reports to you . please tell me how should i do ?
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    And yes i am also using sacro lumber belt
  9. 8800868744...send your reports at this no.mentioning my name
  10. User
    Ok i have sent the reports on WhatsApp
  11. User
    Have u seen the reports ?
  12. Yes...there is nothing serious...you just need postural correction and proper exercises as i mentioned above...just follow everything i suggested above.
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    Ok ..
    Could you send me exercises video or pictures so i can do it at my home .
  14. U need examination of ur back first and it is always safe and better to get exercises from a physiotherapist only...
    After examination only it will be decided the kind of exercises you require....
    So never go by pictures or video