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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query to us at MediMetry.

    I would suggest you go to the nearest health centre and do a complete checkup that includes Lung function tests.
    You may be suffering from asthma, TB or other lung or heart disease, treatment could be given only after complete history, examination and investigation.

    Please do let us know your reports.

    Live healthy!
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    I am suffering from TB in childhood.some times also being pain in chest.
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    Breathing problem always happens when we drink or eat cold think and always cough problem.
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    My BP is normal
  5. User
    Which type of test for heart , asthma and lounge problem please suggest.
  6. In that case, I would advise you to stop eating or drinking cold foods and drinks. Also please go for a complete check up to your nearest health care centre.
    Live healthy!