Difficulty in controlling urine urge.

Dear Doctor,

My name is Pawan Kumar, for past 10 months I am facing difficulty in controlling urine urge. I am not able to control or stop urinating.  I have consulted a urology specialized doctor ,he wasn’t able to help me. Now my treatment is going on in Delhi AIIMS. They asked me to do some tests .I have gone under various tests and now I am fed up with all this.

Please help me. I am not able to control urinating.

Difficulty in controlling urine urge.
Family Physician

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  1. Hello, Thank you for posting your question on MediMetry. This could happen due to many reasons first and foremost is infection it should be ruled out and treated if found .
    Secondly please get your prostate checked Iam sure since you are already seeing an urologist he must have guided you about it .
    Another crucial factor to be considered is if you have back ache some back issues like disc extrusion could also cause urinary symptoms like incontinence.
    Hope this helps
    Best wishes