Differences between spouse and my parents.

Hi,I am  facing post marriage issues like differences between spouse and my parents. My wife get stressed easily and feels like there is nothing  left in life. And now she is feeling that no one is understanding her and  sometimes she is very sad. This is happening  quite frequently that sometime she feels very sad and cries a lot. For few days she behaves normal and later she again feels like sad and not interested in doing anything even for her own self. This is happening from last 2 years since we got married and i am having issues in understanding her. She had lost confidence in herself and now she is not ready to listen to anything .She has no job  and is not able to find job which making her more stressed. Also the issues of mother in law and wife which is difficult to handle. Please help me how to handle this situation.

Differences between spouse and my parents.

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    I understand your concern.The differences of expectation and opinions are common in any relationship and especially between wife and mother. What it is more important is acknowledge and accept that there is a problem and seek a right help . You are handling the situation very nicely. Now take the next logical step to consult a marriage counselor to sort this problem. You will surely find a way to recover from this relationship issues and save your married life from further damage.
    You need a detailed discussion with counselor so consult privately.