Difference between first and second trimester’s diet.

Hello doctor, I have entered second trimester last week. How it is different from the first trimester? Which food items I need to add and which I need to remove? Please suggest detailed chart for second trimester.


Difference between first and second trimester’s diet.

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    In 2nd trimester, you will observe fading of morning sickness and expansion of abdomen as baby is growing. By the end of this trimester, you can feel baby’s movements. Your baby’s heart, limbs and reproductive organs are developed in this trimester. So your diet should include foods rich in protein, calcium and iron.

    Please find the chart below – Second Trimester pregnancy chart

    Early Morning: Soaked & Peeled Almonds, Walnuts, Dried Apple, Roasted makhana, dried apricots ( only handful of nuts)

    Breakfast: Milk (300 ml) or equivalent curd, yogurt cheese of soya milk + Banana / Veg Poha or Peanuts / Soya chapatis / sprouts salad / veg uttapam / stuffed paranthas ( soya atta can be mixed)

    Mid morning: Apple or seasonal fruit except unripe papaya. Namkeen Lassi or Bhuna Chana or Makhana diet

    Lunch: 2-4 Chapatis 2 bowls green veggie + 1 whole grain bowl + salad. Apply home made butter instead of ghee on chapatis. If eating rice, add veggies or soya chunks. You can also have scrambles egss, boiled eggs, liver curry, omelette etc.

    Evening Tea: Take 1 glass of milk and green gram salad, puffed rice bhelpuri, veg upma or cheese, or momos etc.

    Dinner: Rasam / Veg soup + 2 Chapatis +1 or 2 bowls of daal and veggies + Salad

    Please note that every pregnancy is different and this chart has been produced for a generic case of pregnancy. It is recommended for you to confirm this diet with your consulting doctor.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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