Diet for healthy body

Sir, My sister is 23 years old, she has good healthy body. But she has gone for study out of  house 2 years ago, she loses weight so much, her diet is so less and  now she seems thin. So suggest her how to increase diet and get good weight.


Diet for healthy body

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  2. To gain weight, calorie intake needs to be increased. Tell your sister to eat after every 3 hours with 3 major meals and 3 snacks. Include good snacking options like fruits, puffed cereals like puffed jowar, rajgira, home made laddoos like dryfruit or cereal based laddoo made with jaggery. Include handful of nuts plus dryfruits together daily and keep munching in between to release constant energy. Include 500 ml of milk or its equivalent products to provide good calcium intake. Plenty of vegetables and 2-3 fruits on daily basis. In case if her weight is too less, she can eat home made sweets like halwa, coconut barfi etc to provide calories. Lastly to remind about proteins, include pulses and or sprouts daily 2-3 times. Maintaining time gap of 3 hours and eating healthy will help her gain weight. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries
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