Diet chart to loose weight

Hello Doctor, I am 26 year old and weight is 102 height 6.3. I want to reduce my weight. I am daily doing 30 minutes running on my jogger plus, 7 minutes workout but still only 1 kg lost. Please advice me diet chart. What i have to do to reduce weight. What diet i have to take, and what i should skip.
My 2nd query is when i run for 30 minutes on jogger i feel joint pains Is this normal or i should reduce jogging? Please suggest me something.

Diet chart to loose weight

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  1. Hello Krishna
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    1) Early Morning - 1 cup lukewarm water with javas powder.
    2) Eat dalia in breakfast. Also take green tea.
    3) In lunch you should eat cooked vegetables, sprouts, and salad.
    4) In evening take green tea and juice.
    5) Dinner- Same as Lunch.
    6) Before bed time take milk with no sugar.

    Reduce jogging time to 15 minutes and do weight lifting exercise for another 15 minutes.

    Thank you.