Does Dianabol causes paranoia?

Hello doctor, I’m suffering from paranoia. I took Dianabol last year in March. For the first week 40mg 20mg pre workout and 20mg before sleeping at night. The following week 30mg and next week 20mg.I took 100 tablets , with it I took Liv 52. I went for checkup after the cycle , my liver levels were high so doctor gave me some medicine.
I had no problems during the cycle but I was not instructed about post cycle therapy. In September I started showing symptoms like neck pain, insomnia, paranoid about little things, weakness in legs , imbalance , vertigo. I told my doctor’s about my Dianabol cycle , they brushed it off. So I need someone to advice me. Who should i consult for this. Is it life threatening ? I m scared as I was not guided properly in my gym. Won’t be taking any steroids in the future.

Does Dianabol causes paranoia?

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  1. Hello Gunjan. Welcome to Medimetry. Yes, Dianabol do has an effect on liver. It seems that the steroid has resulted in increase in liver levels. The other symptoms you experienced can be indirectly linked to the steroid intake. Also, the steroid has resulted in weight gain due to which you have started getting bone related complications. Gunjan, I wanted to know if you took the steroid under medical supervision or due to any other reason. Avoid the use of Dianabol completely. As of now you can take one multivitamin tablet daily and a protein supplement like Pentasure HP, Resource high protein etc. These supplements are safe and medically proven. These measures are absolutely safe and will help you relieve your symptoms. Lose your weight by natural ways with exercises like brisk walk, cycling, aqua walking, fitness dance etc. Any exercise you choose should be enjoyed by you. This thought itself motivates for weight loss. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Avoid junk and refined foods. Secondly, my suggestion would be you visit a neurologist since you mentioned about vertigo also . It needs to be treated soon to avoid other complications. Since you have paranoia, also if you go for right consultation, it can help you to deal with your concern. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.