Diagnosed with PCOS, but now controlled. Any precautions required?

Doctor, I have diagnosed with PCOS in April 2015 but I have controlled everything as per my gynec’s advice. She prescribed me genette – 35 and I completed 3 month course of it. I want to ask if it was alright I consumed it because I am 21 years of age. And my GP says that gynecologist shouldn’t have suggested genette since I am not married. I would also like to tell you that in past 4 months I have gain 6 kg of weight. My weight was 50 kg and now it is 56 kg although my BMI is 21 which is normal.

But I fear if I keep gaining I would become obese. As in case of my sister who is also a PCOS patient. I am only happy because I didn’t gain fat on my waist or stomach but I gained a lot of fat on my arm, forearm, hips and thighs. Please help me how should I monitor my PCOS and what should I do to loose the fat which is gained during my 3 month course of PCOS. My doctor has suggested only brisk walking which I am going to start now but to control PCOS. Should I take any kind of medicines or not? My periods are regular now and it’s coming on time more or less like earlier 2-3 days late which I think is normal.

Diagnosed with PCOS, but now controlled. Any precautions required?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    PCOS is a condition which may be associated with other metabolic disorders including obesity. Lifestyle modification is the main treatment option for PCOS , along with insulin sensitisers in selected cases. BMI if in normal limit, weight reduction is not required but aerobic exercise and de-stressing is required. Medicines like ginette help in cases of AUB, and in resistant cases stopping the medicines will get you at the same condition as before.
    So, rule out associated insulin resistance, thyroid disorder or prolactin increase.
    Treatment should be according to the abnormalities. Otherwise stay normal and follow healthy lifestyle and diet.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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