Diabeties patient suffering from jaundice

Hi, doctor, I’m a diabetic patient and Suffering from Jaundice from a week.

I’m taking homoeopathic medicine and bilirubin percentage is 2.1,after taking medicine

for 3 days bilirubin went to 3.1.My eyes are slightly yellowish, feeling active(no laziness),

having nothing but buttermilk, urine comes in white colour (few times yellow).

Diabeties patient suffering from jaundice

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  1. Hello Mr Hari,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Jaundice is most of the times a viral condition and it takes its time to go away. Also since you are diabetic, you may take some time to heal completely.
    You can continue taking your Homeopathic medicines and also take Tablet Liv 52 which is an ayurvedic tablet and helps in making the liver strong. Apart from that you can consult your Homeopathic doctor if he can give you any other medicines for fever and tiredness.
    In meals, you can have regular food with very less oil and ghee and as far as possible eat everything boiled. You can even eat salads which are very good and easy for digestion. You can even eat fruits which will give you energy to sustain the day.
    Here is the diet chart you can follow this

    EARLY MORNING Skimmed milk / Coffee / 1 cup (200ml) Tea (Weak)

    BREAKFAST Idli / Dosa / Idiappam / Bread / Porridge / Kitchadi with Thin Dhal / Sambar

    MID MORNING Tender coconut water, Soup, Buttermilk

    LUNCH Rice / Phulkas, Bland Sambar, Rasam, Boiled Vegetable, Egg White, Buttermilk / Curd

    MID AFTERNOON Tender Coconut water, Soup, Buttermilk

    TEA Milk / Coffee / Tea, Sandwich (2 slices) / Marie Biscuits (3)

    DINNER Curd Rice and Boiled Vegetable

    BED TIME Milk 1 cup (200 ml)
    Apart from that do contact us in case of any more help. Get well soon!!