Diabetes since 2006. Suggest me diet also what controls should i take ?

I have diabeties since 2006.My mother is also diabetic.My latest sogar readings are Fasting 200,P.P. 280.
Doctor prescribed me TRIEXER 3.But sugar is still uncontrolled.Because I have a very Busy lifestyle so I am always tensionised and can’t do exercise.I also do not control my eatings because i am so Foody. I am so Fat. My all joints are always paining.I feel weak always.There are big darkcircles Under my eyes.I have to stay awake late night.What controls should i do to control my blood sugar?
Thanks Doctor.



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  1. Hello Dear,
    As a diabetic, you should remember one thing that you have to eat something every 3-3.5 hours. You can eat something like murmura or fruit also. Pop corn is a very healthy mid meal- snake which you can consume in between two main meals. Can you also specify the nature of your job and mode of commute to the work place?
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    I am a lecturer of physics,I have speak in a loud voice althrough the class.When i told my doctor that as exercise i have to stand in class.he not accepted it as exercise.
  3. Why don't you walk while talking through out the class? Take stairs instead of elevator. Walk to the college instead of talking any mode of commute if the college is close by. If the college is far, you can take public transport and walk till the station.
  4. In foods, you must avoid or decrease the consumption of sugar in general. You can try consuming more salads in a day. Increase the fiber consumption through out the day. Fiber helps in excretion of excess of sugar. You can consume a tea spoon of Methi seeds either roasted or plain on an empty stomach.
  5. Opt for whole fruits and vegetables instead of juices.
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    Thanks doctor
    but i need a list of food and time which i would follow.i always make it by myself but fail to follow it
  7. Okay. I can give you a general chart you can change it as per your tastes.
  8. In the morning for
    8-8:3: breakfast, you can take one bowl of oats with vegetables one fruit
    11 am: (mid meal-)one fruit or salad
    1:30-2 (lunch) two to three rotis, two bowls of subzi,one bowl of daal and half bowl of rice (optional)
    3:30-4 pm( mid meal-) one bowl of murmura or popcorn
    8-8:30 pm (dinner) one bowl kf salads, Moong soup one bowl and one roti and subzi.