Not able to focus on study due to depression

Hello doctor, I think I am suffering from depression. I have a boyfriend since last 6 years. I love him but now he is ignoring me. I need and want him in my life. Because of all this I am not able to concentrate in my studies. please help me.

Not able to focus on study due to depression

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  1. Hello dear,
    I can completely understand your agony. But you are too young to get stuck in such adverse events in life. People come and go, it hurts also but life goes on. What you are having is an adjutment disorder and not depression. My suggestion would be that pls take a decision about your relationship soon and get away with the pain. Also, pursue hobbies and interests for sometime, catch up on friends so that your feelings heal. Then get back to studying and you shall do fine. In case of anything else, feel free to initiate a private consultation.