I think i am under depression. I am in love with someone but due to family issues we couldn’t marry and that guy is now engaged and getting married soon. Am not able to control my emotions. I keep crying all the time and feel helpless. We tried to convincing my parents but they didn’t agree. Situation is getting worse day by day. He is also trying to help me recover but it’s not working.


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  1. Hello dear,
    I do understand the agony you are going through and trust me, we will do everything possible to get you out of it. But, before deciding your line of treatment, a lot of details need to be worked out like duration of illness, past history, family history, medical issues like thyroid, PCOS etc. Also, i will need to understand your personality and emotional state. Hence pls get back to me with all these details so that your problem may be adequately solved and dealt with. Thanks!