delayed period after pregnancy

Hello Doctor,

My baby born at November 1, first 24 days I have bleeding,

in Dec 7 I got my menses for 4 days, on next month I did not get my menses.

I went to doctor and check Pregnancy urine test, it is negative, still now I did not get menses and I have white discharge too.

Is there any problem?

delayed period after pregnancy
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  1. Hello Haritha
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    Hormonal imbalances often occurs in the first few months after delivery. Periods may be irregular and heavier or even less than normal for the first three to four months after delivery. Ovulation can occur as soon as 27 days after delivery so another pregnancy could be a cause to an absence of menstruation even a month or two after delivery.As in your case you have already tested negative .So breastfeeding could suppress ovulation and menstruation for up to six months. Delayed postpartum hemorrhage, which occurs in about 1 percent of women and can occur up to 12 weeks after delivery .