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  1. Hi Vineet
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    thanks for the query
    colour is due to melanocytes cells..they are pigment producing cells
    you cannot improve your skin tone but dark colour due to tanning can be treated
    avoid sunexposure
    cover your face and neck with scarf or carry umbrella or use broad brimmed hat
    apply sungrace lotion if you have Normal to dry skin or suncrossacqua gel if you can oily skin over sun exposed area at 8am,12 pm,3 pm
    dreamz ultra cream to be applied over face at night
    cap evion 600 1 cap after dinner at night*3weeks
    tab ctriss 1 tab after dinner at night* 3 weeks
    fashion your face with face wash twice daily
    take diet rich in green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits
    drink plenty of water
    avoid stress
    review after 3 weeks
    take a baseline pic too
    please let me know if you have any queries