Dark lips


I have dark lips and underarms. Please help .. I don’t smoke and drink.I follow strict routine and diet. I scrub regularly and apply olive oil too . But still there is  no effect on lips. Please prescribe me effective cream or serum or gel for both the problems.

Dark lips

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  1. Hello,
    Dark lips occurs due to various factors such as nutritional deficiencies, sun exposure but mainly it occurs due to dryness and sun damage. You can use a mild depigmentation cream like Glomax lip gel during night or kojivit cream at night and also use moisturizing lip balm with sunscreen during day. For more resistant pigmentation you can undergo mandelic acid peel or laser.Also for dark underarms you can use creams containing hydroquinone to milder ones of Kojic acid, niacinamide, arbutin. You may use cream containing kojic acid and arbutin for four weeks There is options of glutathione injections to oral tablets with vitamin C. Underarm pigmentation is due to hormonal disbalance. Laser toning using Q switch NdYag laser is an option but results variable. You may need 6-8 sessions at 3 weeks gap. It may cost 2-4 thousand per session. Consult a dermatologist.