Dandruff and scalp itching

I am having dandruff and scalp itching problem from very long. My scalp itches a lot and sand like particles are attached to the skin of my scalp. Which causes hair loss every time I brush or shampoo. Hair also sheds naturally and volume decreasing constantly. Please assist.

Dandruff and scalp itching

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    You are suffering from seborrhoeic dermatitis..it is also a reason for hair fall
    avoid overnight oiling of scalp
    30 min of oiling is more than enough
    keragloAD shampoo thrice weekly keep it for 5 min over scalp and then wash it off
    zydip lotion to be applied over the scalp two times
    do it for 2 weeks
    review after 2 weeks
    please let me know if you have any queries