Cyst problem in menstruation cycle

I’m married since 2 years and not able to conceive. Regular periods every 25-30 days. Scan test showed small harmless cysts and recomended Clomid 50 and 10mg and progesterone supplements as well. Monitored follicle growth for 4 cycles and all 4 ruptured on 14th day. Then doctor did HSG test to check for any blockages. Had clear X-ray reports. Then I was given FSH LH injections and my TSH went to 19.94. All medications stopped after all this. Had vaginal infections and was given antibiotics. This cycle I am on Ovabless and Fertibex one everyday. What is actually wrong with me. My menses stay for 3 days with medium and painless bleeding. Husband’s sperm count is very good. Now on 26th day of mine and didn’t had periods. Have ovabless delayed my menstruation cycle?


Cyst problem in menstruation cycle
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    Fertibex and ovabless are just health supplements . they wont affect cycle . infertility causes in female can b due to
    1) ovarian 2) tubal 3) uterine .
    As mentioned by u ovulation is there with induction . and tubal test is also negative . so meet infertility specialist for further work up with diagnostic laprohystroscopy with endimentrial biopsy . if normal then proceed for assisted reproduction techniques ( ART).

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