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  1. Hi Mr Chandrasekaran.
    Thanks for posting your question on MediMetry.
    I would suggest you to please visit the nearest health centre right away.
    Please consider Crocin only after consultation with the doctor nearest to you. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics for the cold. Depending on your cough, wet or dry, you may consider OTC cough syrup.
    For the headache, you may consider quiet environment or if you are going to the doctor, please consider black goggles and earphones or cotton plugs in ears to block excess light and sound.
    You may consider having warm liquids like tea, warm water, rice water, soups bland food like rice, dal,etc. If non veg then chicken broth soup would work wonders.

    Please do write back to us or ask a friend on your behalf to let us know your health status.
    Live healthy.
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    Sir,dry cough not stopping for me,often comes , I consider a doctor too. But it not stop.tell a solution to this pl.
  4. Please visit a general physician for further assessment, examination and management.
    Live healthy!