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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your medical history on MediMetry.
    If the sputum is opaque or yellowish green, or blood stained or very smelly, associated with severe throat pain and fever with shivering, I would suggest an immediate consultation with your nearest health facility.
    In the meanwhile, you may consider my following advise to you:
    - take plenty of rest.
    - have lot of liquids like warm water, soups, rice water, etc. Keep sipping water every hour or two.
    - eat bland food like rice, dal, boiled or grilled chicken if non veg, etc. Avoid oily, spicy, fatty, junk and street food for a while.
    - You may take an OTC cough syrup for wet cough, but please remember these syrups may cause drowsiness so don't operate machinery or drive or cook in this time.
    - You may take OTC oral paracetamol, thrice a day after meals for three days.