Constipation with piles.

Detected with high cholesterol level started medication for it caused constipation from last year .cures in between but from last 10 days its hard to pass stool and flanking sensation with pain while passing stool.Swellings observed in anus. Chest also pains sometimes due to the same .

Family Physician

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  1. Hello,
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    Thanks for the query.

    I can understand your concern.

    I would suggest you:-

    Sitz bath: take hot water in a tub and add betadine solution, cover your anal area and sit for 15-20 minutes twice a day if possible thrice a day. It will reduce bleeding and helpful for healing. Wash the anal area with mild soap, pat dry and apply the Lignocaine jelly after bowel movement and at bedtime.
    Liquid cremaffin plus 2 tsp twice a day.
    You should prevent constipation by eating healthy food, which contains fiber.
    Avoid spicy, fatty, heavy meals and meat.
    Avoid smoking if you smoke.
    If your symptoms persist, I would suggest you visit a general surgeon for clinical and physical examination to know about degree of hemorrhoids. Treatment (medical or surgical) can be decided by surgeon.
    Do get your cardiac work up done and revert.

    Hope I have answered your query.
    If you have any queries, I will be happy to help you.
    Thank you.